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2.00%* for 6 months

Get competitive rates, flexibility, and online accessibility without sacrificing the personal touch.

*Offer available from February 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019 and is only valid for funds that are new to SPARKCU. “New funds” include deposits that have been made to a chequing or savings account at SPARKCU after December 3, 2018. Not valid for renewing term deposits. For offer available for renewals, call us at 877-588-6222 or visit sparkcu.ca. This term deposit is non-redeemable and is valid for non-registered funds, RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, and RESPs. In the case of registered fund transfers, this offer will only be honoured if the transfer-in forms are completed and signed between February 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019, for investments that mature during the promotional period.


One of the best 6 month GIC rates

You can rest easy knowing that you’ll get our amazing rate for the duration of the term, unlike other offers out there.

Easy and accessible

You can open and fund your term deposit online. Not a member of SPARKCU? No problem! You can also become a member while setting up your term deposit.

100% guaranteed – up to any amount!

All of your principal and interest is fully protected by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Personal service

Think you need to give up good service to get good rates? Think again. You can call, email, or visit us in person to get the service you need. And if you call, you’ll deal with the same five people located in Calgary, not an overseas call centre.

Who is SPARK The Energy Credit Union?

SPARK The Energy Credit Union is the only financial institution devoted specifically to serving the people of Alberta’s energy industry. We have a long history of providing members the service and products they need to thrive in good times and to be resilient in challenging times.

Head office

  • 117-400 4 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 0J4

Customer Service Center

1 877 582 6222 / spark@sparkcu.ca

How It Works

1. Click “Invest Now”

You’ll be taken directly to our online account opening page

2. Select Term Deposit

Please note the online account opening option is only available for non-registered funds. For RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs and RESPs, please call or email us to arrange a contribution.

3. If you’re not a member* yet, you’ll also be able to open a membership online

We will check if you are a current member, and if not, you can open your membership at the same time.

4. We ask you a few questions about yourself (and your joint applicant, if applicable)

Make sure you have the following information ready: personal details, cheque or bank info, and identity verification.

5. We’ll give you a few options to fund your account

You can choose to fund your member share and term deposit through an automated fund transfer, in-mail cheque, or by sending us an email money transfer

6. We’ll ask you to verify your identity either online or manually

You can choose to verify your identity through a number of convenient options.

7. We’ll get your signatures on the online account opening documents and do a quick credit check

After this, you’ll get a copy of your account documents for your records.

8. Your account will be opened, and you’ll be an official member of SPARKCU!

* To bank with SPARKCU, you first need to open up a membership and purchase $25 in common shares. These shares mean you own a piece of SPARKCU, which entitles you a number of benefits, including a share of our profits.

SPARKCU Company Profile

If you are looking for a financial institution that will be there for you in good times and in bad, look no further than SPARKCU. As Alberta’s only energy-industry focused financial institution, we:

  • Use our financial savvy to equip members with the financial tools and knowledge to help them become more financially secure
  • Make it our business to understand what makes you unique, so that we can authentically serve your needs
  • Use our local advantage to our members’ advantage – we get you because your reality is our reality, too.
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Why bank at SPARK?

Free Banking

We offer a no-free chequing account for your day-to-day banking needs.

Amazing Rates

We offer great rates on term deposits, loans, and mortgages.

Member Ownership

When you bank at SPARK, you own a piece of SPARK. We answer to you, and this means you get a say in SPARK’s direction.

100% Deposit Guarantee

Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Corporation, which means any money you have with us is completely safe and secure, no matter the amount.

Our Satisfied Customers

“It is banking with values that are aligned with my personal values.”

Theresa Acchione

“I have a growing family and my banking needs have changed over time.  The credit union works with me to make sure that I have access to the right banking services to meet my needs.”

Tim Rose

“A sense of community feeling in the energy industry thanks to our inclusive staff and volunteers.”

Talib Daredia

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117 400 4 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0J4